Do you provide any guarantee for treatments?

dental implants guaranteeCertainly, we provide a full guarantee on all the dentistry we do, which is in line with and in some cases exceeds International standards.

In summary, it's:

>> teeth crowns / porcelain veneers / tooth bridge guarantee = 5 years
>> dental implants guarantee = lifetime (implant screw & abutment)

Terms of the Smile Clinic Guarantee:
  • Repair / Replace: The guarantee only applies to the repair or replacement of the dental work done if necessary. It does not include the refund of any money paid for the treatment.
  • Annual Check up: For the guarantee to remain valid, all we ask is that the patient visits us once a year for a general check-up which is completely free of charge to all ex-patients.
  • Dental Hygiene Session: The patient must also pay a visit to their local dental hygienist for a session of tooth cleaning every six months (or you can visit ours during your yearly check up)
  • Daily Personal Hygiene: Take necessary care of their new teeth through regular tooth cleaning with brushes, floss and/or mouthwash daily.

The guarantee DOES NOT apply to the following:

  • Bite re-adjustment: In a limited number of cases, after a new bridge or crowns have been fitted it is occasionally required to return to a dental specialist for minute bite adjustment, as it takes a while for the oral cavity and the teeth to get accustomed to the new dentistry that has been done, and it is not always possible to adjust the exact bite at the time of the final fitting of the crowns or bridgework. This is a 5 minute, pain-free procedure and you can visit a local dentist or come back to us, however, we do not offer any travel or accommodation costs for this after-care.
  • Root Canal Re-treatment: Dental Holiday is also not liable for any unforeseen root canal treatment that might become necessary after fitting crowns or bridgework as well as any other problems that were not visible on the x-ray or were not predicted or seen at the time of the treatment with us.
  • Long-term periodontal disease: if your teeth, gum, or jaw-bone have been lost due to ongoing bacterial infection usually occurring due to inadequate dental hygiene - keep to the points above in the terms and you won't have to worry about this.
  • Cancer sufferers: Unfortunately the current form of treating cancer and it's side effects can cause teeth to become loss and the density of the jawbone to decrease.
  • Genuine Accidents
  • Drug abusers
  • Debtors: Those who haven't settled their dental treatment bill in full with us yet
  • Any dental treatment not done in our dental clinic
  • Damage: caused by tooth grinding at night (ask us to make a night guard for you if you have trouble with this)
  • Damage: caused by the intervention of a third party, other dentists and technicians, and late night bottle cap opening.
  • Temporary: crowns/bridges/veneers and the cement used to attach them.
  • Tooth whitening: tooth whitening brings varied results based on the original colour of your teeth
  • WARNING! Temporary veneers, dentures & crowns are not subject to these guarantees
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