Do you do general anesthetic?

Yes we can plan dental treatment under general anaesthetic for you, however with general anaesthetic there are some important points to follow:

  • Must travel with a friend / family member
  • Must stay overnight after the treatment
  • Must visit a local GP here with us in the town, so that he/she can issue a pre-operational certificate when you are here before the treatment so that we can check that you are healthy enough to undergo the procedure
  • No food or drink on the day before the procedure
  • The cost is currently £680 payable as a bank transfer in advance of your procedure (as we need to book the anesthesiologist & his nurse for that day)
  • Please allow minimum of 3 working days for your transfer
  • You must make us aware beforehand of your medical history (especially things that might hinder you from having a full general anesthetic)
The above points may seem strict, however in Slovakia the law requires it.
If you're interested, please do let me know and we can start to make arrangements.
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