Do you offer discounts?

To offer fair and transparent pricing to all our patients, we do not offer discounts at all - instead, there are many free items included that you would typically pay for in a dental clinic, for example, all x-rays, OPGs, Ct- CT-scans , expert consultations, temporary fixtures and airport transfers.
 Having treated over 5000+ rich & poor patients from all over Europe here in our clinic, we know that it wouldn't be fair to offer discounts.
We've worked really hard, and have undergone years of training to provide the highest quality dentistry available for UK patients, provide an excellent service and offer our treatments at the best price possible, with a solid guarantee.
We believe that our Smile Clinic in Slovakia delivers more value than it costs and I'm confident that if you come over for a free X-ray and consultation, you'll agree.
Remember: You are under no pressure or obligation to go ahead with the treatment proposed if you don't want to. There are no hidden or added costs to be afraid of, even the airport transfer and temporary crowns are included in the price.
And you have any questions whatsoever, just let us know.
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