Cheaper options

I agree, If you are looking for the "cheapest" option - then I'm sure you'll find it.

Send any other UK offer to me and I'll break it down for you.

Certainly you can be sure that it's 50-70% cheaper than in the UK, otherwise 5-7 patients each working day from the UK for the past 7 years would be wrong.

This is because:

1. We use the most expensive brand of dental implants in the world to ensure a 100% successful result.

Have a look here for comparison:

They charge £1500-£3500 per implant - that's only the implant - not the abutment, crown, healing abutment, CT-scans, OPG x-rays, expert planning & consultation, sutures etc.

Compare this with our £456 price, and everything else apart from the abutment & crown included.

2. Work done by a master implantologist & not by a dentist. (it's easy to be cheap when it's done by someone who is still learning the craft, however your smile is not something that someone should be "learning" on)

While the UK law still allows it, the majority of UK clinics have dentists who do dental implants, with much less experience that us.
Here you have to do a separate university degree after dentistry, plus after placing 10-15 per day for 7 years, you can be sure that Dr. Marek the right doctor for you in terms of experience.

3. On-site dental lab.

Many UK clinics send their crowns to be made in other towns or abroad. We are unique in that you crown is hand made directly in our own labs beneath the clinic, ensuring that minor adjustments can be made without an extra visit.

4. Try to also find a clinic for the same price in the UK that will offer you a lifetime guarantee on the your dental implant. Many have tried. All have failed.

Once you've made the flight booking to Bratislava / Vienna airport, please send the details to me along with your desired choice of accommodation and I'll get about sorting everything out for you, and then send you a confirmation email.

I look forward to welcoming you to our dental clinic personally.

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