I've got a cheaper quote from another clinic

Our no.1 goal is that you get the best treatment possible for the right price, wherever you have it done.

These questions will really help you to make an accurate comparison between 2 clinics when looking into have dental implants or the "all on 4/6/8" procedures:

  • Consultation included free?
  • CT-scans free?
  • Doctor an implantologist (master study in university) or just a dentist or doctor in training?
  • Number of visits needed?
  • Semi-permanent bridge fitted immediately when implants are placed?
  • Type of implants used?
  • Types of crowns used?
  • Any extra of hidden costs? (bone grafts / sinus lifts / stitches / medication etc)
  • Does the clinic use an on-site lab?
  • What is the clinics current GCR Score? Are they internationally accredited? (International rating of clinic standard)

Any questions, just contact us right away. We're happy to help!

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