How long do I need to come for?

This table will help you determine typically how long you need to to be with us for on each visit:

Treatment Number of visits Visit 1 Visit 2 Visit 3
Whole upper or lower jaw replacement 3 3-4 days 1 overnight stay 1 overnight stay
dental implants 2-3* 1 overnight stay 1 overnight stay 1 overnight stay
10+ bridge points / crowns / veneers/ onlays / inlays 2 1 overnight stay 1 overnight stay n/a
up to 10 bridge points / crowns / veneers / onlays / inlays 1 5 days 5 days n/a
Tooth Whitening / Dental Hygiene / Check-up 1 90 min n/a n/a
White Fillings 1 1 overnight stay n/a n/a

*determined during the pre-treatment consultation ( In a small amount of major cases, where major infection is present, or bone density is extreme low 4 visits are necessary.)

Weekdays only  (Monday - Friday), we donĀ“t work at the weekends

If you require general anesthetic you need an extra day with us


All the above time guidelines are subject to the doctors agreement during the pre-treatment consultation on visit 1, and subject to change should any complications occur.

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